Problems with the Pinterest app


I’m a maker and I often find myself on Pinterest for ideas. In the app, if you press and hold on a picture, you can access a quick menu to save the “pin”.

Except, for some reason it stopped working. I’ve read on some forums that it may be a problem regarding the settings.
Apparently some accessibility settings can stop this feature of the app because whatever phone you’re using is trying to do something else than what you’re expecting. Different phones seems to have different fixes for that problem. I unfortunately haven’t been able to find the setting which would make it work on my fairphone 2.

Anybody knows how to fix this ?

Welcome to the community Forum, Bastien.

I think your best bet is to try to find what change to the phone caused this change of behaviour. Changes of this sort frequently come from OS updates.

  • Which OS are you running?
  • Which version?
  • When did you last update it?

Answers to the first two can be found by going to Settings > System updates
and / or
Settings > About phone > Build number

Some OS versions have Accessibility settings such as Touch and hold delay that can be adjusted.

Have you tried connecting a mouse? Behaviour may be different.

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