Problems with soft keyboards overlapping apps

I’ve been an Android user for years and there have always been times when the keyboard overlaps the app I’m trying to use more than is ideal. On my FP3, however, I’m finding it to be much more of a problem that usual. Many apps that worked perfectly well with the keyboard on my previous phones, are awkward or even impossible to use properly with the FP3. I’ve tried with Swype (my favoured keyboard), Swiftkey and GBoard and the problem is the same on all of them.
Is there any way of improving this at all?


I have owned a bunch of Android phones before and the FP3 is no different at all when it comes to on screen keyboards as far as I can tell. I use Gboard.

What specific apps do you find awkward or even worse to use? Could you send us a screen shot to show what you are talking about?

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I don’t know about other keyboards, but Simple Keyboard (Play Store / F-Droid) has a setting for its own height.

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As for specific apps I’m having trouble with - almost anything that has a submit button: which is often something I need to use a keyboard with!
So far I’ve found it particularly problematic with Baconreader, Juice SSH and Reverb - noone of which was in any way a problem on my previous phone.
Juice is especially a problem since you can tap on the screen to get access to extra buttons - such as CTRL, arrow keys etc. These used to appear above the main keyboard - they now appear underneath it (at least as far as I can tell) so that I can’t get to them at all.
Screenshots won’t really be useful in this case since they’ll either simply show that submit buttons aren’t visible (which I already told you) or there will be other things that simply aren’t visible - which a screenshot won’t show you because they aren’t on the screen! I can’t do comparison screenshots, I’m afraid, since the screen on my old phone was destroyed and I can’t see anything…

This here sounds like it could be worth a try to play around with, too …

thanks - I gave that a go and, apart from actually making the display look a little better, it made no difference…

I have this same issue on my FP4 that the keyboard is overlapping the contents of for example text input fields (just like the one I’m typing in right now!). The workaround I use is that I scroll the area above the keyboard which seems to inform the phone that the keyboard is visible and that the underlying content needs to be “moved up” to be positioned correctly to be visible again.

This was not always the case but I can’t recall what caused this (software update, app installation). I do know that I did not change my keyboard app: SwiftKey.