Problems with returend Fairphone

Hi Fairphone users!

Maybe this is not the right address, but I have no other idea how to find help with this problem. In July, I bought a Fairphone 2. I was really sad, because it seemed to have a Soft- or Hardware problem. I tried to start the phone, but it didn’t work properly. It was not possible to type the PIN number because the display did not react. So I startet the return process.

Aber 1,5 month it was possible to get an RMA number and to return the phone. I was asked 3 times for the IMEI meanwhile and I still do not know why. But in the end, it was possible for me to return the phone. I put it back into the original white box and send it back.

Now, after overall nearly 3 month, Fairphone wants to refund 269 €! Thats 50% of the price. The display supposed to be brocken… I have never seen a crack and I even did not use the phone, so I am really surprised. And apart from this, a new display costs less than 100 € and is quite easy to change… isn’t it?

So do you also have experiences like this or is it a unique mistake? I can’t get any reaction from Fairphone since 10 days, thats why I am asking you!

Thanks for your help!

Hi, sorry it happened to you.

I can’t help, but I’ll be watching this thread closely.


I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. Personally I would recommend to give them a call, so you get a response right away to discuss the issue with the support staff.

You can find the phone no. on the bottom of the support page.

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