Problems with power button Fairphone 4

I have a fair phone 4 that I bought 3 months ago and have had nothing but problems with the power button. I went to the boutique where I bought it and only wasted over an hour of my time. They were completely unhelpful. I have to press the button 2-5 almost every time I want to unlock or lock it and I end up nearly calling the emergency number nearly 5 times a week.

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That does not sound normal. Did you already contactsupport about this? Otherwise - depending on your location - the shop might have a certain legal responsibility to provide you a working device within the first 1-2 years after the sale. You might be able to get either a refund or an exchange if you insist. But that is probably something the sales person can’t decide on their own and will have to be escalated to their boss.

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Note that the thread you posted this in is about the (newly released) FP5.* I am not aware of this being a common issue with the FP4, so you may just have a bad power button in your device (maybe a faulty connection or something). Since it’s only 3 months old you should easily be able to get a free replacement if that’s the case. Just make sure that you backup all of your data before that, as a factory reset will be necessary no matter wether you get a repair (that you do not perform yourself) or wether you receive a completely new one as replacement.

Edit: *Post has been moved to a new thread to seperate FP5 and FP4 issues. Thanks @Lidwien :slight_smile:

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