Problems with new slim case, battery and bottom module

I got a Fairphone2 because I love the ethics and ethos, but also because the modular aspect really appealed. But have other people also found that the modules are not always very durable or robust?
I’ve just had to get a replacement bottom module after my primary microphone stopped working for 2nd time in 2 yrs. I was able to do this via the Phone Coop in the UK, who are great but, unlike last time, they wanted me to send in my phone to them for repairs, which completely defeats the point of having a modular phone you can fix yourself! Luckily they’ve agreed to send me the module this time, but last time they just referred me to Fairphone directly who just sent me the replacement module, so not sure why the process has changed.

The second issue is that, after waiting months for Fairphone2 batteries to come back into stock, I got a new one recently via @phonecoop but there’s a noticeable drop in performance compared to new one I got last year. It takes ages to charge (5-6 hrs) and then loses power really quickly. Is there a quality issue with the current batteries since the switch to a new manufacturer?
And finally - I’m also having problems with new Fairphone2 slim cases. My original case lasted 18 months before the rubber came away from the back but them new slim cases seen really prone to cracking on the corners. I’m not treating them roughy but have had to get two replacement cases in the last few months and have just noticed a crack on my current case! Have others had similar problems with Fairphone modules/batteries & cases? I really want to have a Fairphone but am close to giving up as these problems are making it just too expensive and unreliable.

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No, really not. Works very well here, even not treating it too softly…

Best wishes you can solve your issues.

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