Problems with music

Hey guys!

I have two reoccuring problems that - after a year of trying - just seems impossible to fix for me. So now I’m here to ask you guys! :slight_smile:

- The first problem - sorting certain tracks on my music player

Certain tracks are just sorted as ‘unknown artist’ even though the file has ID3 tags which works perfectly on my computer.

Most tracks I transfer has the album artwork, the right artists name, track name and so on - but some tracks don’t when it’s on the phone. Even though the ID3 tags is there. I tried downloading ID3-tag editors on the phone to manually edit them from the phone, but when I use those to edit the tracks I can see all the correct tags, they just won’t show in the music player no matter what I do.

The second problem - Can’t keep any playlists

Like the problem above I’ve been searching around the web and seen many have similar problems, but I have not been able to find a solution that have solved things for me.

Anytime I make a playlist - after some time it just ups and disappears - or more precisely, the tracks on the playlists just disappears. I can still enter the old playlists, but they’re just empty. What the fuck?

This has annoyed me beyond belief, it just seems like such an insanely simple thing to get right - but it just won’t work. I have tried ‘saving’ the playlists without any luck, this just gives me two empty playlists with the same name after a while.

I’ve been using both the ‘Google Play’ app and ‘Phonograph’ for music and I’m storing all my music on the SD card.

I’ve also had bad experience with the Google music player. It kept the order of the songs on any album in alphabetical order and, not in the order the artist had put them in. This annoyed me so much I tried first VLC. With VLC it was impossible to make a playlist in any (for me) usable way. So I ended up with Rocket Player and, I’m very happy with it. I don’t do any streaming. I just use my saved music.

im using playlists with VLC sucessfully. My files are called .m3u and are recognized automaticaly. The textstyle inside looks like this:
,#EXTINF:255,Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed
Music/Lou Reed/Transformer/05 Walk On The Wild Side.mp3
Maybe that helps…
Regards, novsk

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