Problems with migration to Android

Hi everyone,
I just joined the Fairphone family and run into a bigger problem. The customer service could not help me and suggested to check on this platform if someone could help me.
I am trying to migrate from iPhone 5s to Fairphone and the issue already starts with step 1 from the 3 step migration. My old phone does not support the download from the google drive app (it is too old and does not run the necessary update).
I also struggle to upload my data from my iPhone into the google drive via a computer. Here I am missing the step-by-step information (it just mentions android in the link).
Did anyone face similar issues and/or knows a solution for it?
I am very grateful for some feedback and advice.
Best, Ina

Welcome to to the Fairphone community.

Which data do you want to migrate? ‘Only’ contacts? Or also chat history?

Hi Incanus, I actually wanted to migrate contacts and also apps (the ones I paid for at least) and pictures. The chat history is not that important.

You can’t transfer apps, I’m afraid.
The iOS store (Apple account) is different from the Play Store (Google account).


ups, i was wrong in my 1st thoughts.
but " Move your stuff from iOS"

As already said, Apps can’t be transferred, maybe the publisher offers a discount.

Are you using the iCloud? There you can export all your contacts as vCard. Also your pictures can be stored and synchronized with your PC.

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Hi again,

thank you for the quick reply.
I will try that.
Have a great day!

Hi Uwe,

I am afraid that is not working. I cannot download Google drive to my phone. It does not have the sufficient updates and my phone is too old to allow those updates.

But thank you for the quick reply. Have a great day.


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