Problems with GPS/Navigation

Let me start this post by saying that I’m not techie at all, I’ve never rooted or booted my phone or whatever it is so be gentle with me in your replies!
I moved from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a fairphone a couple of months ago. It’s taken a bit of getting used to and I’m finding the fairphone a bit glitchy. The biggest problem I have is when I use it as a sat-nav.
I travel a lot for work and in the past I’ve always used my phone as a sat-nav. I am finding that when I open google maps my phone can very quickly locate me and when I enter the end point it can locate that and plan the route fairly quickly, but then when I hit navigate it takes ages to locate me and then recognise when I’ve started moving. It regularly takes 10 mins to determine a location and search for satellites and often it is not accurate. It will put me a couple of roads over and then not change when I start moving, it’s also very slow to keep track of my route at roundabouts and junctions.
I’m in the UK and am on the Virgin network, I never had problems like this with my old handset.
Any tips?

Which version of Fairphone OS are you using? (to check, go to the Fairphone Updater app)

I assume it’s not 1.8; then you should wait a couple of weeks until the revised version is released.

Until then, please try the following:
Go to **Settings > Location Access > GPS Satellites > EPO Settings ** and unchecked Auto-Download. Does this help?

Generally a good tip: Use the search function of the forum (which can be found by clicking the little magnifying glass on top).

I’m on 1.8 and while getting a GPS fix is quite fast now, the actual GPS data still seems iffy. When navigating, Google Maps often thinks I’m driving on a road parallel to the one I’m actually driving on and it thinks I’m moving while I’m actually waiting for a traffic light. My experiences with the GPS on the FairPhone haven’t been all that positive yet, unfortunately.