Problems with display/screen brightness after water damage (everything else seems to work)

Hej all :slight_smile:
after my FP1 took a unwanted bath in the toilet I took it apart, wiped it dry as good as possible with a microfibre towel, and let it dry on it for 3 days
–> result: I can switch it on, everything seems to work so far, but the display light is rather dark and the display brightness adjustment does not work. In between it seems to have some “bright” moments meaning the screen flickers up in the brightness that it actually should have.
Soo, any idea where the problem might be located? Is it somewhere in the screen or in the motherboard? Can it be due to a left-over of wetness or corrosion somewhere, so that it would be worth taking it apart again and cleaning it maybe with isopropyl-alcohol? Or may it be solved by replacing the screen/motherboard only?

Thankful for any help :bouquet:

SMALL UPDATE: Problem still not solved - but usable in “vampire mode”
–> A day after I posted the issue, I took the phone apart again, cleaned it with isopropylalcohol and reassembled it after one day drying --> didn’t change anything. Since then I’ve been using it nevertheless - it’s kind of a vampire situation, since I cannot use it in bright locations like outside during the day :grin:

Unfortunately a display replacement has become a very difficult option given the lack of replacement FP1 displays in the Fairphone shop and the unclear prospects of Fairphone ever being able to provide new replacement FP1 displays. I hope someone else her comes up with some more suggestions on how to fix your existing display.

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