Problems with connectivity of the headphones

Dear People,

when I plug in headphones to my Fairphone 2 and push the plug as far it goes inside the jack there is only sound on the right channel. When I lift the plug aproximately half an millimeter out there is sound on both channels. This is very annoying, because not really workable for running, cycling or even normal walking. As I didn’t find any thread on the forum, I startet this topic.
Does anyone experienced the same problems or has an workaround for this? I want to avoid changing the hole Topmodule just because of this.


P.S. hope you can understand the description, my englishskills have had been better some time ago :wink:

Edit: For your infomation I used three different headphones:
Boompods earbuds:
ISY IHP-1200:
Sennheiser HD-429: (I’m not allowed to post three links, because I’m a new User, but I think the Name is enough here.

Have a look at this thread.

thanks for your hint, but I already looked at this thread and I don’t thought that my problem has anything to do with that, because I first of all just want to have a proper sound. I thought the thread you linked is important if I want the full compatibility of headphones with microphone and additional functions?!

When you pull the jack 0.5 mm out, do you still get stereo, or do you just get one channel spread over both earpieces?
If you get stereo, there’s something really weird in the alignment, if you don’t, likely there’s a problem with the part of the socket that provides the signal for the left earpiece (unless you’re running audio enhancer apps that have shifted the balance 100% to the right).

Do you have a good hint how to test this? Is there any app on Fdroid or Playstore with which I can test the Stereo function?

Edit: I tested it with a Video on Youtube in which the left and right channel are beeing used simultaneously and individually.
Both channels are working correct, when I pull the jack a little bit out.

I’m trying to think how it could be that the alignment of the socket could be that far out, but I can’t come up with anything. It might be a warranty issue - if you want the top module replaced after all, you’d need to ask Fairphone support (they’re busy though, tickets via still seem to be taking a long time - alternatively there are details on calling them at the very bottom of the page). I guess a workaround would be to add 0.5 mm to either the casing or the housing of the jack to keep it at the right distance…

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