Problems while sharing through Wi-Fi Direct

Dear all,

I’m trying to share files between two phones through Wi-Fi Direct but I can’t, there is no “Direct Wi-Fi” option in the “Share” menu.

I have enabled Wi-Fi direct on both phones (FP3+ and ASUS Zenfone 3), I can see on both phones appearing the other phone in the device list. I have invited ASUS from FP3+ and accepted the invitation on ASUS. Now on both phone I can see the others with the label “connected”.

The problem is that when it comes to sharing a file, I open the “share” menu, I can find any sort of things (Bluetooth, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.) but no “wi-fi direct” option

Am I doing anything wrong?


AFAIK you must use the Google Files app for wireless sharing via Wi-Fi Direct.

Best wishes,

If you mean the file explorer installed when you buy FP3 it’s what I’m using but I can’t see that option while choosing how to share.

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