Problems updating Fairphone Open OS with open gapps

Hello, i hope this Question is not already discussed here.
I have fairphone open os installed at my FP2 and additionally the google playstore because i need some of the google apps, they are essentiell for me. The problem now is, that every time after the monthly update of the os, playstore and google services are deleted. The Apps also don’t run any more. I have to reinstall gapps and much worser, i have reinstall most of the google apps again.
Has anyone an explanation or better a solution for this?

With a modified Open OS (in this case +OpenGAPPS) you have to update manually every time and afaik if you flash OpenGAPPS after flashing the OS but before updating you shouldn’t have any issues with G%§$e apps after the update - but I’m not speaking from experience as I’m #livingwogoogle.

A better solution is to install #software:alt-lineageos. There you can use the OTA updates even with modifications and they will still work after the update.

After the latest update (Fairphone Open 18.02.0) all google services stopped working.
Anyone know how to deal with this?

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