Problems syncing with Gmail and with connecting to mobile network

I’m not sure what the problem is, but my Gmail does not sync properly. Sometimes it works when I try to sync it manually, but other times it just doesn’t sync at all. The problem is worse over mobile connection, but occurs over wifi aswell.

Voice calls seem to drop out after a few seconds aswell.

The data connectionis intermittent aswell.

This is all quite annoying as my phone only seems to send and receive text messages reliably. I’ve tried a few things - changing the APN, updating the sync settings, turning the data connection on and off. But none of these work reliably. Any tips welcome. At the moment my phone is a little bit useless to me!

Have you checked that the automatic sync is on?

You’ll find this in Settings > Accounts > Google > Select your account and then making sure Gmail is selected

Also when you are using mobile data connection is this a 3G or 2G connection?

The data should be 3G. The automatic sync was on, but even when I tried to manually sync it wasn’t working. In the end I uninstalled and reinstalled the gmail app and this seems to have worked. Fingers crossed it stays working!

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi - The solution hasn’t worked properly for my email syncing problem. I had already tried what you suggested above and pretty much any other suggestion I can find mention of online. It works intermittently but not reliably, and even when I refresh manually it doesn’t sync properly.

My other apps seem to be working now - it’s just gmail.

It’s all a bit annoying because I keep missing emails! Any suggestions for what I can try now? I’d really appreciate a prompt response as at the moment my phone is not serving one of it’s most important functions!


Perhaps you can try K-9 Mail.
Go to a webbrowser.
Go to F-droid
download F-droid
and then download K-9 Mail.
People have reported here better performance with K-9 Mail compare with Gmail.