Problems receiving MMS


New Fairphone 4 user here. Run into problems receiving MMS when my friends want to share pictures, I just get the round button with “tap to download”, and when I do, it just keeps spinning.

After some googling, I concluded that the problem must be in the APN settings. I found my providers page with those settings at Opsætning af MMS | Få hjælp til opsætning af MMS and compared to what settings I had. First confusion was that my phone already had 3 settings, labelled “3 Internet”, “3 DK” and “3 DK IMS”. Only the “3 DK” had any MMS server or proxy settings. And the proxy setting was not like what it should be according to their web page, it was a IP number in the 172.16 range.

Since I did not want to change settings I did not quite understand, I created my own APN with t he settings copied from the web page, and selected that. Didn’t seem to make any difference, except that the eternal download started automatically.

I did go all the way to developer mode, installed ADB and managed to get a log view. After asking a friend to send me one more image, I could see a Java stack trace in the log. It was a connection timeout, to the same 172.16 address.

In the end I changed the mmsproxy setting in the “3 DK” APN to the correct one (, and voila, I was able to receive new pictures. Downloading old images that have failed seems to work too, but is slow, and the image appears at the bottom of the discussion, not where the download button is.

I still don’t understand how the phone chooses which APN to use, and what difference it makes if I select one or the other.

Just wanted to share my experience, in case it would be helpful to others. I also reported this to my carrier, in the hope they would change their default settings to use the correct proxy and/or make a dedicated entry for a Fairphone.

Beautiful troubleshooting.
Thanks so much, this fixed an identical issue I had. My carrier is OiSTER, not 3, but they’re a daughter company using the same APN settings.

I’m experiencing troubles with the same settings for Fairphone 5. In Denmark with 3 as the carrier.
Can’t download nor send images :disappointed_relieved:

I had the same problem on FP5. Using Heikkis example, I was able to fix the problem by removing mms from access point type on the “3 DK”-access point. Then I created a new access point following this guide. Now sending and receiving mms’ work