Problems receiving and making calls

A week or 2 ago there was an software update of the FairPhone 3. Since then I have problems with making and receiving phonecalls.
When receiving calls, the caller can hear me, but i can;t hear the caller. (not with all calls) and when making calls I have to try up to 3 times before it makes connection. Any one else with this problem? And will a reset help?

Same problem for me, but only when I call some contacts. I hear no tone during automatic dialing, but the call is effective cause the contact call me back !

To have a normal communication when this problem occurs, I have to dial manually the phone number of the contact. Boring…

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There is maybe a “solution” (see topic below). Try dropping your SIM card in the second slot, I’ll try too. And please give me a feedback.

Well, That is easier said then done. It is not so easy to open up the phone. But eventualy I succeeded. So I changed the slot of the sim from the 1st to 2nd. Now hoping that it wil solve the problem. I will update you when I know.

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I’ve had this problem but now my phone is randomly turning off. It started say the battery was over heating and turning off. Now it only ever shows 50% charge no matter how much it is used or charged. The phone turns on and off intermittently.

How can I fix this?

MFP2 > You talk about a battery problem, not a call problem. Please ask your question in the right topic. Thanks

It is both? It started as a call problem and continues
to be so

Unfortunately it didn’t change a thing (I am not calling that much, so couldn’t respond earlier)


The same for me ! No change … :confused: Thx for the feedback. I’ll try to contact FF support and hope they’ll find a solution.

I’ll try this : to get a new SIM card. I’ve read that the problem could be that (the mine is cut).

If not, I’ll restore factory settings.

I don´t know if a new simcard will help. The problems accured after an softeware update from fairPhone.

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I do have the same issue a lot. I use two SIM cards and it happens with both of them. Have to try several times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t work until I reboot the phone. Extremely annoying since I am using the phone also for work. It’s still a phone, shouldn’t it be the easiest thing to make a call??
Any suggestions or help from Fairphone yet?

Fairphone didn’t respond on the issue at all.

Hopefully the last software update (last Saturday) will solve the problem. I don’t call that much so I have to wait if it had effect on my phone.

An other problem is solved with the last update: the LED notification is working now! Finaly

Thanks for news, JGHendriks :slight_smile:
It seems that, since the last update, the problem is now solved ! Great !

I have the same problem. Only since a week now. And no new update in sight. Any idea what can do? Any feedback from Fairphone on the issue? I already tried every measure in their “Fix it yourself” section…

Hi Sabine I Tried several things. First I changed the simcard from slot 1 to slot 2. That solved the problem a little. A view weeks later I changed it back to slot 1 (after an update).

For now it is working ok, on only 1 single number. I can’t call my husband on his mobile phone. But he can call me. I don’t know why my phone is ignoring my husband :wink:

I have the same or at least a similar problem: I cant hear the others but they can hear me. This happens quite randomly: Sometimes 30 minutes into the talk, sometimes after 3 seconds of talk time. This only seems to happen for phone calls, not Skype/MS Teams. It is really annoying. I just had a conference call and the audio dropped six times in a row.

Since Wednesday morning this week I have not been able to make or receive any calls on my FP3. It started out of nowhere. My sim card works perfectly in my partner’s phone and calling works just fine there. When the sim card is in my FP3 mobile data works perfectly, calling does not. This is the same for both sim slots. When someone tries to call me, they get the notification that I’m not available (which is not true). I don’t get any notifications during or after the call. When I try to call people it usually rings but either they can’t hear me or the call is ended as soon as they pick up.
I have checked the settings concerning calls, which seem to be fine, the sim card is detected by the phone, I have restarted it several times and the phone is up to date.
This bothers me a lot - the problem has existed for more than 60 hours now…

Does anyone else experience this or have any advice for me?


Hi there and welcome to the community!
As I was going to write on the topic you created:
Seing what you already did, I suppose you already checked the find and fix an issue yourself section of fairphone support?
Other than this, I would suggest:

If none of it solved your problem, it may be a hardware issue :man_shrugging:


Thanks mate, starting the phone in safe mode solved the issue (can’t receive or make calls). I didn’t go as far as the hard start.