Problems entering sim card from fairphone 2 into fairphone 4 - slot too small

I wanted to insert my micro sim card into my new fairphone 4. But I cannot - the card seems to be slightly too big (or the slot too small). It fits perfectly in my old fairphone 2. And I must say that I am somewhat disappointed that inserting the sim card in fp4 is even harder than in fp2. in other models you just lay it in, in fp you have to push it quite hard. And removing it in a fp4 I guess it is even more complicated than it was in fp2.

The Fairphone 4 has a Nano-SIM slot, not a micro.
So there is a difference in size compaired to the Fairphone 2.


interesting …

in this video

they talk about a micro SD card.
And next to the sim card slot inside fp4 it´s written “micro sim”

but on Fairphone web site I found now the product details - there it says nano-sim

Thanks for info!

From what I understand from the clip they talk about two different slots - one for a simcard, and specifically, a nano-simcard and the second slot for a memory SD card, this one is a micro SD memory card. The slots should not then be confused



Indeed, when you switch from Fairphone 2 to Fairphone 4, the sim card format is no longer valid, from micro sim → nano sim.
However, it is possible to cut the micro sim to bring it back to nano sim format; I’ve done it and it works very well. Follow this link =>

You can also order an e-sim (if your cell phone provider sells this service). This involves downloading a virtual sim card which is written to a dedicated component.

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You can’t cut a micro SIM to nano format. Nano is in all three dimensions slimmer than micro. Just cutting length and width doesn’t change the height.
Often cutting a micro SIM damages the chip, then the SIM doesn’t even work in Fairphone 2 anymore.

Yes, you can cut a µsim to nano sim, I’ve done it and it works !
The thickness of à µsim is 0,75 mm and the thickness of a nano sim is 0,65 mm. It makes a difference of 0,1 mm that the spring of the connector’s contacts are able to absord.

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