Problems buying a Fairphone

I’ve been mulling to buy a Fairphone for some time and today I had a look at their shop. That didn’t go so well. At the end I can to this page
that links to terms and conditions, warranty and software end-user license agreement. Only the first link actually worked, the two others were broken!

While I’m writing - any plans to add bitcoin as a payment option?

I think they are aware of the broken links and wanted to fix this. There is a thread about this somewhere in the forum.
They don’t accept bitcoins as of now - as far as I know.

I also had that problem a month ago… It seems like “they” don’t update the hyperlinked sites or better to say, the links themselves. I wrote an email to support and I got those two links for help:

I don’t know whether you’re german speaking (for the documents are in german), but the english versions are linked correctly (via support search site).

I don’t know… Sorry.

Btw: the site you’ve linked doesn’t work for others as it was seemingly meant…

I think they use zendesks/their shops software internationalization feature the wrong way, but that’s just a guess of mine. If you look at the links, “en-us” should be something else for a German article to begin with, so it looks like a workaround for another problem.

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