🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Problems after update

After the update for my fair phone, the Smart launcher app interferes with all the functions of the phone. Neither the restart nor the restoration of the app led to a solution. Now I want to uninstall the app to be able to use my phone again, but this is neither possible under “Settings - Apps” nor via the play store, because I have no access to it, like to all other functions. How can I fix the problem?

Which Fairphone model do you have?

How is it not possible to uninstall the app via Settings -> Apps? Is the uninstall button greyed out or is there another reason? Any error message?
It could be the app is registered as a device admin app. You could then revoke that under Settings -> Security and then uninstall the app.

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Sprichst du Deutsch?

Ja. :slight_smile:

Welches Fairphone Modell hast du?

Was genau funktioniert nicht wenn du die App in Einstellungen -> Apps deinstallieren willst?
Kommt eine Fehlermeldung?

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