🇮🇹 🇬🇧 Problemi di connettività con Wind/Wind, connectivity problem

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Buongiorno a tutti,

ho dei problemi di connessione con la mia SIM Wind (business). Ho provato con due diversi FP3+ e non si collega, mentre con le chiamate non ho nessun problema. Nel mio vecchio ASUS Zenfone 3 con questa stessa SIM funziona tutto a meraviglia (uso lo stesso APN).

Con la SIM di un altro operatore si collega senza problemi.

Prima di aprire un ticket al supporto vorrei provare a vedere se qualcuno ha giĂ  avuto questo problema.


Hi all,

I can’t connect to internet using my Wind SIM (I have a “business” contract). I can make and received calls but it doesn’t connect.

I tried in two different FP3+ and it doesn’t work while in my old ASUS Zenfone 3 it works perfectly. I’m using the same APN.

With a SIM from another operator my FP3+ works perfectly.

Before opening a ticket I’d like to know if anybody experienced the same problem.


Hopefully it not a simple enable data for the sim card issue :slight_smile:
What are you using to connect to the internet, could it be the application doesn’t have permission to use data?

Forse la tua SIM è troppo vecchia e hai bisogno di una nuova.
Sì, succede che in un altro telefono la tua SIM funzioni e non in un FP3.

tradotto con DeepL

Perhaps your SIM is to old and you need a new one.
Yes ,it happens that in another phone your SIM is working and not in a FP3.

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The SIM is brand new, maybe a couple of months.

I can’t use the browser (I can with the other SIM) but most of all there is no “3G”, “4G” or “LTE” label in the top right corner.

And yes, the data connection is enabled :grin:

Do you have two sims permanently in the phone? I read somewhere only one can do data ~ will see if I can find the post.

What happens when you swap sim slots or remove the one that works etc.

“Settings” → “Wireless & networks” → “SIM cards” → “Mobile data”: Here do you actually set which SIM card your phone should use for data transfer when not in a Wi-Fi. The other SIM card will not be used.

Yes, I know: only one SIM can be used at once for internet connection. In my tests I only select one SIM (Wind) as the one to be used for data connection.

I tried both with two SIMs in the same phone (my phone, Wind was in slot2) and only one SIM in the phone (another phone, Wind was in slot1). No connection.

I prefer not to move SIM to make other tests because since I bought the phone, last Christmas, I have a problem of unexpected reboots (you can read about it somewhere here in the forum). To address this issue I made a lot of tests and removed and replaced the SIMs a lot of times. As a consequence, the ejection spring on one slot is now broken and removing the SIM is not easy. I think those pieces are not designed to be used so many times, usually you put the SIM in your phone and you remove it when you change the phone.

However, this “spring problem” is not related to the connection problem as it’s on the slot1, whereas Wind SIM is in slot2 in my phone and I tested it in slot1 on another FP3+.


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Thanks for the detail :frowning:

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