Problem with zooming out

Does anyone else have issues with the zoom in Fairphone 5? Mine seems to not always work properly, especially when zooming out. I will try to zoom out and it will zoom in instead.

Do you mean when you’re taking a photo?

If so, which camera app are you using? If it’s the stock app then there are two ways of using the zoom button.

  1. When the zoom button shows “1.0” just tap it once (it will show 2.0) and then again to get the wide-angle lens.

  2. Tap and hold the zoom button, then slide up or down to zoom in or out.

Not have any problem with zoom in/out in web browser (OH Web Browser or Vivaldi), Messages (stock SMS app), Aves (image viewer), Photos (stock app)

Apologies, I did not phrase my question properly. I meant while zooming in documents, webpages etc. I did not meant the camera.

The conditions are so varied (apps, documents, web pages, browsers, …) that it is difficult to compare unless we specify the conditions precisely.

Since we are talking about the phone and not some app or website, I suggest you take a standard PDF file and open it in the Adobe Reader app and in the standard Google Files app.

I have just done this and I find no difficulties in changing the magnification of the view in either app.

I do note, however, that when using the Google Files app, zooming out (i.e. bringing the fingers together) will allow me to reduce the pages so that several can be seen on the same screen, whereas Adobe Reader will not allow reduction of the page size to be less than the full page width, whether in portrait or landscape orientation.

If you find a difference when repeating this scenario could you please specify exactly what happens, and give steps to reproduce.

If this scenario doesn’t reproduce your problem then the problem is more likely due to the app, document, web page or browser that you are using, than to the phone.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried what you suggested and the zoom is working fine. So I guess it is indeed an app related thing not an issue with the phone.

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