Problem with Whatsapp/Telegram calls after update to /e/


My fairphone was working fine until yesterday. I decided to update my OS and I installed /e/.
Currently I have the following problems:

  • When I call people on whatsapp I cannot hear what they say, but they can hear me. No problem with listening to audios.
  • Telegra, I can listen but they cannot listen to me.

I manually changed added all the permissions but nothings seems to be working.

Any ideas?

It’s a known bug .
I assume it’s the same as mentioned here:

So I think the fix is already there and is expected to be included in the next /e/ update.


Thanks, I think it is that indeed. I’ll have to wait to get the new update.

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/e/ is beta software.

Hi Folks,
After few days using /e/ on my FP3 I still have one problem. The microphone doesn’t work in apps like Signal or Telegram. It works in every other apps Phone, Recorder … permissions are ok for signal and telegram.
Have you the same behavior ?
Did you find a workaround ?


I’ve seen a similar problem on the /e/ forum: Telegram calls/video muted

It points to the /e/ bugtracker:

Maybe you should add your finding there, too.


Hi @Talisker, I moved your post (and Ingo’s) here because it seems obvious it’s the same problem. I think Ingo has already said the necessary. :slight_smile:

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I have recently received my FP3
My problem is that I cannot do a whatsapp video call on data alone. I can do the video call when I have wifi turned on.
I have gone through the phone settings and WhatsApp settings and have tried every change that seems obvious.
Any tips?
And thanks for taking the time to reply

Update with a fix should be available now.

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The fix has been released within the update, but it seems that there might be some issues with it.