Problem with video files fairphone 1u m3u8

I have a problem playing some videofiles on my fp1. eg. (danish public radio and television)

It loads (takes time), runs for a few seconds and then freezes. The files seems to be in m3u8 format and I have spent some time trying to solve the problem but without much succes.

VLC player is installed, but it is the built ind player that loads the video. Any suggestions on how to solve the problem

As far as I know, an m3u8 file is not a full video file, but just a streaming link, so the connection might just not be able to transfer data fast enough to keep up with the dataload.

thank you for your quick response - unfortunately I didn’t see it until today

Your are right about the streaming, but I do not have problems with many other sites and different file formats. I was looking for settings to alter in an attempt to try different ways to solve the problem, but didn’t find anything or hints that seemed plausible

In VLC you can choose “network address” on the menu on the left side. Try to copy the link there.

I did that but it didn’t solve the problem unfortunately

Sometimes the public broadcasting organizations have files for lower bandwidth too.

Another possibility: Are you yourself in Denmark? If not then it’s possible that the block videos for people outside Denmark.

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