Problem with one earbud (right) ("connected" sound but no music)


I have a issue with my right earbud and i decided to write it inside the Fairphone4 subforum since there is no special section for accessoires.

I did geht the earbuds arroud one month ago together with my Fairphone 4, but the right one started to behave strange:

  • It always shows a different capacity when connected.
  • It still says “connected” and “Low battery” after arroud ten to fiften minutes.
  • It does not Play any music or Sound (aside from the connected Sound)(but still reacts to tapping gestures)
  • I used em for arroud 8 hours in total
  • the left Earbud works without a issue
  • the Case is fully loaded

What i already tried:

  • Reconecting bluetooth several times
  • pairing the earbuds with the Case several times.
  • connecting the earbuds to different devices (same result)
  • checking the Volume Balance in the accessability settings.

So my question ist:
Ist there a known way to fix this issue? It woud be sad If the earbud is already defect after arround a month.

Thank you in advance!

Although the placement under FP4 isn’t really an issue, note this is only a user forum.

UPDATE: Have moved to [Discuss > Product] as as it has quite some info about the earbuds. Now I’m having second thoughts as it doesn’t say HELP! :slight_smile:

Especially given there is a two year warranty on all accessories and parts, you could contact support officially as they are ones that would replace it if it is defective.

Avoid the 'Click here to start, maybe as there’s little chance the guides will have any help on earbuds. Just ensure you OS is the default an up to date, although technically the ear buds should work in any phone and the OS should not be an issue.

Thank you for the fast response, I will contact the Support since this is not something like a configuration Problem.

And thank you for moving It to a better suitet Part of the Forum :slight_smile:

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