Problem with N26 Notification Push for validation transfert

Hello, i have a problem with N26 and my Fairphone2;
everytime i try to make a card payment or a SEPA transaction N26 ask for a confirmation in the application with a Notification Push.
but when i try to tap the confirmation part nothing happen, so i’m not able to confirm or cancel any transaction in their app.
i contacted em and they said that i have to go on "option > battery > advanced > put the app on “secured mode”; but i don’t understand exactly what does it mean (i’m French).

does anyone have a Fairphone and N26 banking application please ?
i really need help about this because if i can’t make those Notification Push working i can’t use my money.

Thank you for any informations

Do you have the default Fairphone OS on your phone or did you switch it to Fairphone Open or Lineage?

I have N26 as well and don’t have any problem using it, on Fairphone OS 19.11.2. Please check that your N26 app is up-to-date, because there have been problems with these notifications in the past.


Hello, thank you for your answer;
My Fairphone2 is on Lineage OS + MicroG (and all are up to date)

i did many searches and i finally found the answer:
the N26 security use only Cloud Messaging/ Firebase Cloud Messaging for the 3D Secure;
so every Payements on the web + SEPA + SWIFT (etc…) needs to be validate in their app via a PUSH Notification.
so without G-apps drivers, Push Notification won’t work.

and because of G-apps are replaced by MicroG in “Lineage OS for MicroG”, the N26 Push security won’t work.

(N26 is the only banking service which use this sort of security, no other choice)

so it seems “no G-apps” = “No N26 working”.

If you have a recent version of the app, the notifications not only generate a push message but also appear on the top of the transaction list. Do you see them appear there when you open the app and are you able to click on them?

hi, yes i’m talkin about the notification inside the app on the top of the transaction list, it appears but when i tap it nothing happens

What is the version of your N26 app? I am on version 3.55.

version 3.56.202103000 but it was the same with 3.55

is your Fairphone 2 on Lineage OS for MicroG ?

No, I am using the normal Fairphone OS.

As suggested by the LineageOS for microG website ( you can enable options in microG settings to get Google device registration & cloud messaging. FCM also appears to be implemented in microG nowadays if you enable those options.

According to this post on reddit it should be working with v3.55 (and probably also v3.56; not sure what changed there) if you enable those options and your microG version is new enough.

Curiously though v3.56 is not in the Play Store yet; how did you get it?

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ah yes, i read it, it seems it’s a spoofing of regular GCM/FCM;
like it can connect like Gapps through google’s services but hide most of personal informations.
my problem with this is that i won’t make the security thing of my bank buggy then be blocked by N26.
in another way i also won’t introduce Google inside my Fairphone :o

about the 3.56 version i get it through AuroraStore for my Fairphone2 (LineageOS+MicroG),
and i also get the 3.56 version on my second android+Gapps smartphone in the official PlayStore app (version 3.56 / update date: 19/01/2021 / update launch 23/01/2021).

btw i asked directly N26 on Twitter and they answer that “the security works only with Gapps drivers”.
i also leaved a comment on the PlayStore with my Android+Gapps about this and they answer the same (need Gapps drivers for running the security).

I find getting blocked a little far-fetched as long as there is no reason to assume that you are hacking the app to circumvent security measures, and people have reported success before with the app on Google-free operating systems. MicroG is made such that apps shouldn’t see that they are not on Google.

I am not quite sure what the impact would be of enabling FCM; whether any data beyond the push messages themselves would be known to Google.


okay, thank you very much for all those informations :slight_smile:

Must be a staged roll-out then, or it’s not in every country at the same time.

I see 3.55 if I go to the Play Store website - it doesn’t matter whether I log in or not. However, I am now able to download 3.56 it from the Play Store app.

The changelog doesn’t give any information: “We’ve fixed some bugs to make your banking experience even smoother. Happy upgrading!”

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same here, but in French; not any details…
i damn prefer the OpenSource way, with detailed patchnote omg !!

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