Problem with MP3 files


I have some issue when transferring MP3 files on my FP.
When I copy/past my music, the meta-data of some files are corrupted (Title, Album, Singer)
and each time a copy a file, i have a message “the device might not read or display the file”

On the first picture, it’s how the problem appear when i look the files on my PC (the left window, is the files on my HD, and the rigth window is the files on the FP

And the 2nd picture is how it appear on the FP with a music player

I tried to copy again the files, the pb appear on a random file and with random results


Can you give some more detail please?

  • Which FP are you using (1st edition - early 2014 or 2nd edition - July 2014)
  • Which version of FP OS are you using (to find out launch the Fairphone Updater app)
  • Which method of transfer are you using to put the files onto the FP - it looks like you are using MTP (pull down the navbar menu and click the ‘Connected as a…’ option
  • Are you storing the files on internal storage or SD card
  • If you are using MTP method and are storing the files on SD card, try the USB storage option - does it produce the same results?
  • Does this only happen on the built in music app?
  • 2nd Edition, July 2014

  • FP OS 1.6

  • Yes it was set on MTP

  • Internal storage

  • Well at first I believe the problem was solved with the USB mode… but not at all
    the files information are correct when I check on my computer with the phone in USB, but on the phone I still have random error in the album field, in fact, now the error change at each deconnection (or restart) of the phone even if i don’t touch the files

  • I have the same effect when using Winamp, VLC isn’t affected (but it crash too often to be really usable)

EDIT: in fact, if i use MTP, i can see the error of the files

Maybe the problem is with the mp3-files? This might be a longshot, especially since your files seem tagged correctly on your PC. But I had issues before, where the mp3 meta tags were messed up on my files, like I could view them but couldn’t edit them etc. A special editor (Mp3tag) helped me to correctly tag my files. Maybe try it on a few files and see if this would help.

Another idea, while this wouldn’t solve the actual problem you could bypass it for the time being. Transfer the files with the use of a program like MediaGo, it should correctly format the files on transfer.

I’ll try these this w-e when i have a little time

I had exactly the same problem the other day. This is what I tried in the beginning (but withoug success):

  • change from MTP to mass storage device (i.e. manually save tracks to sd card)
  • change conversion type from MP3 to AAC

It always ended up the same, showing scrambled ID3 tags. However, some folders could be moved smoothely to both internal storage and sd card. I then realized that everything works fine when I let iTunes do the labelling. I can manually move these files to either storage and everything is displayed as it is supposed to be. Apparently the built-in player can’t handle tracks whose tags were manipulated manually.

I personally would NOT use MediaGo from Sony as this program collects shiploads of private data which is somewhat the exact opposite of the main idea of using a Fairphone. Just read MediaGo’s privacy disclaimer and you’ll keep your hands off.