Problem with file transfer

Hello all,

I need to change my sdcard as the one I currently have does not have enough storage. When I attempted to move the files from my old sdcard to my computer using USB as file transfer with the Android File Transfer app on my computer (I own a macbook pro running sierra 10.12.6), which is something I had done before, I couldn’t either move nor copy the files from the app window on to my laptop.

I am currently running FPOOS 17.06.4 (I know I should upgrade it, but I can’t do a backup since my sd card is full). Any idea how I could proceed?

Is your sdcard still in your phone? If yes, did you set your phone to MTP?
If not, connect your phone to the computer,
swipe down on the phone
tap on charging
change to MTP

Hi, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes, my sd card is still in the phone (it’s encrypted so I can only access it through the phone), and I did set it to MTP (otherwise I would not have been able to browse the sdcard through the AFT app on my laptop).

I also tried connecting it to my computer at work (running windows 7) and when I try to move the files from the phone to the computer it opens a dialogue window saying ‘Calculating the time required to copy the files.’, as if it were about to start a file transfer, but then it never begins.

I really don’t know what to do anymore :frowning:

You could try to copy your files with MyPhoneExplorer if you’re allowed to install any programs and drivers at work.

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Unfortunately I’m not.

Any ideas how to do for mac?

I’m sorry, I have no idea about Mac nor about encryption.
If you don’t get your USB working, what about sending the files via wifi or ftp or bluetooth to your computer?
I know that it’s slower but maybe quicker then looking for a solution…

Boot Camp and a Windows licence … you said any ideas :slight_smile:

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