Problem with file transfer to pc

Hi there,

I have a problem with transfering whatsapp images from my phone to laptop.
With a data cable I connected my fairphone 2 to my laptop.
Then selected file transfer, so far so good.
I can see the pictures I made with my camera and moved them to my computer

But now I want to select the folder in wich the whatsapp images are stored.
There a folders Whatsapp images, I added a screenshot, but the whatsapp images are not in there.
I tried all the folders I see but no images.

I never had this problem before, so weird.

On my phone I use the app ZArchiver.
In this app I can see that there actually is a folder on my phone where the 5295 pictures (whoops) are stored.

But I am unable to move them.

Hope someone can help me out.
I have more screenshots but I am not allowed to upload them because I am an new user.

Kind regards,

Hm… I don’t use WhatsApp, but maybe it helps if you move/copy the pictures into another folder on your phone first and then copy them to your PC from there.
This is pure guessing, but maybe this is a “security feature” from WhatsApp (although WhatsApp and security are essentially complete opposites)…

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