Problem with dual simcard (sweden)

Dear Fairphoners!
I have two simcard, Halebop and Tele2 (work). When both simcard is in the phone the internet (surf) doesn’t work on my Halebop simcard. I have tried a lot of stuff to solve this problem. Switch places of the cards, APN settings, new simcard (halebop) and I tried in my friends Fairphone and it is the same problem. Also when both of the cards is activated it is often hard to make a phone call aswell (no conection it says). It feels like it is a problem with my simcards but the both companies doesn’t know what to do. Has anyone else the same problem and what can I do? I really want to use the dual simcard function.

You can have only 1 simcard at 3 or 4G at the time.
So one simcard is on 2G and the other on 3 or 4G.
Of course you can switch which card gets the 3 or 4G.
But two simcards on 3 or 4G is not possible.

Note that you can only use one (3G/4G ) data connection at the same time. Check that Halebop is set as preferred SIM for data and that it has the 3G/4G connection. You may need to change the Tele2 SIM to 2G-only mode before the Halebop SIM can be set to 3G/4G.

Shouldn’t matter, as the settings are per SIM rather than per SIM slot.

Did you check out these?:

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First of all. I know that you cannot use mobile data from two simcards at the same time. Thank you for your help. It was a step forward with the tips: “You may need to change the Tele2 SIM to 2G-only mode before the Halebop SIM can be set to 3G/4G.”. When I took out the second simcard I found the “Chose of network” and I could change it to 4G. But when I inserted the second simcard, mobiledata was not working and I couldn´t do the “chose of network”, (it was pale gray). Why? Is it something with the second simcard?
Thank you!

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To select mobile data on the second sim, you have to set the first sim to 2G.

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Hi again!
Now I have put one simcard on 2G and the other one 4G. But I still get the same problem. No internet at al this time. I will contact the companies and ask if they now what the problem is. But it is very rare with dual simcard phones here in Sweden so I have a feeling that they don´t now. But I will try.

Is there a 2G band in Sweden?

Perhaps this will help if your are on Telia.
Otherwise have a query with the words “sim” and “Sweden”.

Thank you so much!
I will check this with my provider.

I have also had the problem with not being able to send phone calls after inserting the second SIM-card (and also in Sweden). A helper at the library suggested sending a text message first. That worked the first time. And some of the times after. Then I tried the tip with waiting 5 seconds before choosing SIM-card and it seems to work. I hope that will be enough in the future. And also that the bug is solved. In the mean time, thanks for the tip.

Hi. I have the same problem. I have dual SIM cards (Hallon - private and Telia - work). When I change from my Hallon SIM card to Telia for the surf 4G (I done all the settings and so on, put the other SIM card on 2G etc) my private SIM card stops working. I can´t recieve calls or text in to my private number or send messages. It just dies… When I swich back to surf on Telia everything works again. Also I can´t have my Hallon SIM card in pocket 2 only in the first one, otherwise it doesn´t work at all.

Please help.


Hallon seems to be a brand owned by Three, and Three doesn’t always offer 2G networks. What I can find from other comments on the internet (e.g. here), they do indeed not have a 2G network in Sweden (my Swedish is non-existent, so I can’t check on their own site).
Obviously, this means the SIM won’t connect when it is set to 2G, as it will not find a network to which it can connect. There is also no way to enable 3G/4G on both SIMs as the Fairphone 2’s hardware is not capable of that (as is the case for most dual-SIM phones available today). Unfortunately, there’s no way to get this specific setup to work.


I am using Telia (private) as first, and Telenor (work) as second SIM in my fp2.
works without any problems out of the box for one year now.
So maybe there is some problem with Hallon SIMs?

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