Problem with Airbnb app for hosts

Hi, there! I’m new to the community and proud to be a part of it.

Just realised that I’m not the only one whose FP is unable to send pictures by WhatsApp, so I’ll let that issue rest, hoping for the team to find a solution sooner or later.

But I’ve got another problem I’m not quite as patient about: Are there any other Airbnb hosts here with a FP 2 that doesn’t react to pressure to the accept/ deny booking request button as well as to the acitvate/ deactivate listing button?

PLEASE reply in simple language if possible: I’m not into the Android etc jargon at all I’m afraid!

All the problems you’re describing are usually solved by re-enabling the privacy impact dialogues. The latest update may also solve this issue (as it contains fixes for privacy impact). Instructions for re-enabling privacy impact are provided here.

P.S.:As far as I know all the topics about WhatsApp problems mention the privacy impact fix (at least all those after January 7th of this year). If you found any topics that don’t refer to a fix, could you point them out?

Everything seems to be fine now, with both apps. Just hadn’t understood this PI-talk :blush:

Sorry for asking an “old” question.

Thanks a lot, Johannes!