Problem using "refer a friend" program

Hi all,

In November I received a “Become a Fairphone ambassador” email from Fairphone with a link to “Refer your friends”, offering a discount of 50 euros for the friends and 250 keep club points for me. Recently I tried using that program but am running into a problem. I’m wondering whether anyone here may have encountered the same problem and has ideas about how to get it to work.

Following the link in the email (or clicking the “Refer a Friend” link at the bottom of the website) leads to a page where I can enter my email and generate a custom link to share with a friend. When my friend uses that link they are prompted to enter their email address to receive a discount code, but upon entering their address the box that says “Use this code at checkout” instead shows an error “Looks like you’re not eligible to use this offer”

Has anybody else run into this problem / any one have ideas how to solve it?

I have contacted Fairphone customer service, but their auto-reply says they typically need 8-9 days to respond, so I thought I would try asking here, too…

Hello, just a thought, has your friend ever purchased something from Fairphone before? I believe it is only working for new purchases, you may check the details in terms and conditions.

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I had this problem with my wife’s Fairphone order as well. We solved it by using a different email address for her. I’d recommend that if you’re in a hurry. There’s definitely something that’s not working as supposed with the email blacklisting for the offer, since she hadn’t used either of her emails with Fairphone and never had a Fairphone before.

Using the promotion code was also quite difficult for some reason, might be because the web shop is not optimizes for mobile devices. After entering the code the shop didn’t recognise it and I thought it was defective, but turned out you had to enter the code in a very early phase and then press enter after entering the code to get the code registered (if I remember correctly). I tried multiple times with the code entered to the field to go to payment, but it didn’t register the code automatically.

Please report back when you get an answer from the customer service.

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Update: The problem is resolved. I can’t say for certain whether the problem may have been a temporary issue with the website or whether some steps that I tried solved, but I will describe what I did in case it’s helpful for anyone else…

When I first encountered this problem the website from the referral link would not generate a code for my friend, and when I tried it with an “extra” email address of my own I experiences the same problem described in my original post.

Although prior to encountering this problem I had an account on the Fairphone website, and had received an email from Fairphone inviting me to use the referral program, I realized that I had not taken the separate step of signing up for the Keep Club. So, I signed up for the Keep Club. Then I tried generating a referral link and generating a referral code with my “extra” email address again, and it worked. Then my friend tried and it worked (and generated the exact same code I had received), and he was able to order a new FP5 with a discount. I had not tried generating the referral code immediately before signing up for the Keep Club, so I can’t say with certainty that signing up for the Keep Club was what solved the problem, but it’s definitely possible.

Separately, I will note that a couple of days after I was able to successfully generate a referral code I did receive a response from Fairphone customer service offering to help.


Similar situation. My friend has generated a referral code for me, and when I try to use it it says it isn’t valid. Fairphone support eventually got back to my support ticket completely misinterpreting the problem, and after I clarified they have ignored the ticket for a month now :frowning:

I would rather buy direct and give fairphone a larger share of the profit than buying through the EE store, but without the referral it’s more expensive direct!

So I just tried to give @SadOtter my referral code, but he also gets the warning that he is not eligible for this although he never purchased anything from FP before…

@Ioiana_Luncheon could you maybe look into this issue? :slight_smile: (and welcome to the forum of course!)

I’m having the same problem. Very frustrating as I want to ensure the purchase gets delivered before the 18th but that we can use the code as well.