Problem to send sms (FP with 2 sim cards)

Hi there,

I received my FP a few weeks ago and encounter a problem with sms sending. Indeed I have 2 SIM cards: a French one and a German one (I arrived in Germany this week). When I want to send sms to my family and friends in France with the (new) German number, it seems to work but my correspondents never get the text… Btw those contacts are NOT linked with a specific sim. Their numbers do NOT contain brackets either. But I texted them with the French number previoulsy (as I was in France before).
So I cannot find where the problem comes from and most importantly I cannot resolve it… Somebody to help me? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Try checking that you’ve got the correct sms service centre number for the operator you are using.

You can check/change this by following this:

  • Go to the Messaging app
  • Press the settings button (bottom left of phone)
  • Select Settings
  • Select Text Message(SMS)
  • Select SMS Service Center
  • Select the SIM you are using

This will then show you the SMS service center number stored for the SIM. This may be incorrect therefore stopping messages going through

Thank you very much for the quick reply. Nevertheless it did not resolve my problem. But in between I noticed that it always happened with people to whom I had previously exchanged sms from the French sim card… Maybe this info can help to find a solution?

isn’t this just because formerly you had a preset for the sms to be sent via the french SIM?

Yes that’s probably the reason why all the people who I previously texted from my FR sim card cannot receive my sms. But I cannot find how to change this preset…

Bénédicte to change the preset for “which SIM sends SMSes” en interface française, c’est:

  • écran de démarrage, touche “paramètres” à gauche, choisir “paramètres système”
  • puis écran suivant tout en haut, “gestion SIM”
  • puis écran suivant vers le milieu, “SMS/MMS” (sous lequel doit se trouver le nom de la SIM actuellement choisie)
  • puis écran suivant, cliquer sur la bonne SIM