Problem Sync to PC running XP with USB cable

I can’t get the PC to see the USB connection. Did connect in the past wit bluetooth but knocked out my sound card. Am using myphone explorer

I don’t understand your problem exactly. Where is the connection between bluetooth and sound card?

When using myphoneexplorer with usb cable, you have to make sure that usb debugging is turned on on your phone and that you have downloaded the right USB drivers to your computer (you need to install them manually)

If all other connections fail, use WiFi:

Just another approach.

Not sure, but try different cables and try to establish a connection with a cable. Try to connect to your phone using adb. If adb works, the rest should work as well.

The problem could be that you are focused on archiving something special. Like getting your computers data sync’ed with your phone with a software not a lot people use here, so you could easily miss a small step in the middle.

Focusing on the better described guides like for example getting adb up and running will help not overlooking those small steps on the way. I hope this makes somehow sense to you. Good luck and don’t forget to tell us if you got it running and how!

Thanks Vinni

When I had a bluetooth connection the sound card didn’t work, then when
I got the soundcard to work the bluetooth didn’t work, Wierd!!! Anyway I
prefer a USB connection

USB debugging is turned on but I haven’t downloaded USB drivers. Which
drivers do I need and from where can I download

I only have Samsung USB drivers. You may want to google for the USB drivers for FP. Can’t help you there.

Maybe this can help:

You need an adb driver. You can find it here: I hope it still works with XP…
And here’s a tutorial about how to connect with My Phone Explorer: