Problem downloading MP3 sound files

I tried to download songs from my choir website, but when I click on download nothing happens. I can download other types of files

Is the choir site public, meaning that you could share a link here so other people can test if it works for them?


No, the bit of the site where we download our songs is password protected. I’m sure I could share it, but I’ll need to ask permission first.


Does anyone knows how to use SoundCloud’s API? My friend used to download music into mp3 file from soundcloud but he does not told me how.

If you used a search engine, you would have found special “Soundcloud download” websites like


Some ideas:

  • try with a different browser
  • I had a similar problem with other file types once, but it worked when I long pressed on the files and chose “open in a new tab”.
  • Check your download folder: maybe nothing seems to happen, but it does. You can check in the settings of your browser where the download folder is located.
  • In the settings of your browser, check if there are options to handle files. Sometimes you can change what you do with the files, e.g. download them or open them directly. In your case, maybe the browser tries to open the file but cannot find the app/plug-in to do so?

Thank you so much! I downloaded Opera - and used it instead of Duckduckgo which is my preferred browser and it worked perfectly!



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