Problem between bluetooth and wifi (divestOS)


I have some problems with my fairphone 3. And I’m posting here to know if it’s a known bug or if I should replace some parts.
Right now I’m under divestOS but it was the same problem under stock android. Wifi during telegram calling etc is not very stable ( the wifi device simply loose the connection) but it is particularly true when I have my earbuds connected through bluetooth and then during the call I would loose the wifi connection.
So is this something recurring or not?
thanks in advance

Hi, you say it was the same with the native OS but which version of it ? It can be important since a patch could have been applied after you switched OS.

true I didn’t think about that. It was 4 months ago the last time I updated the stock firmware.

but so you can confirm to me that you didn’t see it as a known bug anywhere?

I have a similar problem when using 2.4Ghz wifi and bluetooth.
Even more so with a tablet I have.

Bluetooth uses the 2.4Ghz frequncy band so I have set my WiFi to 5Ghz when I am at home.

Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences > Advanced > Wi-Fi frequency band > 5 GHz only.

NOTE: If you do select 5Ghz only, you will undoubtedly find that when you try to connect to a number of other Wi-Fi networks you will be out of luck as they most likely will be tuned to the 2.4GHz. Only last week I forgot I had set my phone to 5Ghz only and it took a whole day, in ‘town’ for me to reason that ‘Remembered’ connections didn’t work and I could not even see the SSID to connect to :slight_smile:

Note that some mobile networks also use the 2.4Ghz area so check out your mobile network frequency. Where I reside and work there is not network so I am Aeroplane Mode all the time, so not an issue.

And the average microwave also uses 2.4GHz, so there are a few options for interference.

On the issue of Telegram, I use Threema, Signal and WhatsApp and have no problems since purchase in Oct 2020

PS I have changed the title by
a) removing the FP3 bit as that is already prominent with the topic under the Fairphone 3 category.
b) I have added the OS to the title as that is more specific to your setup and may be relevant. Though I note you say it was the same under stock android

Will remove the change if you think it inappropriate. :slight_smile:


okey yeah I see your point there…
I’m going to clarify what I am/was afraid of… I was afraid, since my iphones on the other hand are working fine and have not those kind of problems, that the isolation between the bluetooth circuit and wifi circuit was not optmal on the fairphone 3… OR maybe some corrosion could have coocured which have made things worst?

So hwat do you think about that and what are the chance of a corrosion problem or an hardware defect could make the situation vary? Would there any way to diagnose one of those cases?

As it occurs on a new phone etc I doubt it is a hardware corrosion issue.

The only test I can think of is to find another FP3 to compare

okey then I need to find someone from the community with who I can test then which might be complicated since the 2 representatives of the community in Belgium never answered me for anything.
Should I make a new thread with a call to help for gentle soul willing to help me with that matter?

I don’t think a whole thread will help. You or I can amend the title if you think that will get more attention.

Don’t forget if you update this with a bit more info it will go to the top of the ‘Latest’ category.

So to confirm! You have contacted an nearby #fairphoneangel

Okey so same thread then.

And yes I’ve contacted by the past (last year actually) the 2 nearby #fairphoneangel (living in Antwerpen if I remember correctly).
So if there is anyone maybe a little closer to Brussels, that would be nice. We can meet at the hackerspace for example in Brussels to actually test it thoroughly my problems.

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Still no news from any fairphone angel from Belgium… it’s a bit disappointing I must say:(

Maybe @glotzbach could be the right contact here…

@glotzbach if by any chance you are reading this, I ve sent you PM over too :slight_smile:

We’re in contact now and it seems the problems discussed in this thread persist. How would we be able to test & compare – what did you have in mind @amoun?

I have one FP3 which is my daily driver, so I can’t wipe & install another OS. The only thing that I could do is exchange to test modules, but as the antennas are part of the motherboard I don’t think that’ll be an option.

There was a notion that corrosion may be an issue, which I thought is unlikely with a ‘new’ phone and testing bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the same location with a second phone could clarify that.

Still on the

Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz uses the same band as Bluetooth and Microwave ovens and some carrier bands are not to far away at 2.3 and 2.6

So try and set Wi-Fi to 5GHz

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