Problem after Android 13 update - black screen when receiving a call in Signal app

After installing latest FP4 update, I experience a problem when receiving a call in the Signal App while seing a Youtube video; the screen goes black and buttons do not work. So I have to disconnect the battery and restart the device.
The build number is FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905
Android version is 13

Do you have auto rotate enabled? Its seems that is causing the FP4 to freeze after the upgrade. Maybe try to.turn it off

I’ll try that.
I have also seen the behaviour when a call comes in Messanger.

Hi, do you still have issues with auto rotate off?


after disabling auto rotate as suggested, no.
Today I received a call in Signal while streaming and I was able to pick up the call.

But before there is a fix for it, I’ll not turn on auto rotate.
If the fix is to be in Android or the application - Signal/Messenger - I cannot determine.

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Today I had the issue while streaming from Youtube in protrait mode.
Maybe the issue has been addressed in th latest update that is waiting ?

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