Privacy-sensitive Android “CalyxOS” as an /e/ alternative for Fairphone 4 (FP4)?

BTW anyone following this thread might be interested whether the Fairphone 4 could get CalyxOS support. The good news is: Technically, it seems to be more/better compatible as it allows verified boot with custom keys. For more information, see:


I’ve just seen Calyx tweeting “Some oneplus phones and Fairphone devices are on our short list, and maybe some others” when asked about what new devices they are working on in 2022.


It is coming to the FP4:


Topic: “for Fairphone 3 (FP3)?”

Solution: “coming to the FP4”

For anybody else perhaps scratching their heads a little … from the linked website:
“Unlikely to be supported: […] Fairphone 3” ← That’s the solution. I guess.


Well thanks for that addendum. I thought most people watching here would likely also be interested if any Fairphone device has CalyxOS support. (I could now retro-actively edit the title hehe, but that does not make it better of course. There just exists no such thread for teh FP4 so I think everyone who

That’s why I’ve choosen that. But yes, you are right, as it has been quite clear before already, FP3 likely won’t be supported, FP4 will.

Edit: Backlink to CalyxOS thread for FP3 with an overview of what the advantages of CalyxsOS are.


I think it’s still better in a (new) FP4 topic. So I’ve moved the relevant posts now… :slight_smile:

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