Privacy filter Screen protector on FP5

Hi, I got some questions about the Fairphone 5 privacy filter screen protector: Is it a 2-way-Filter or a 4-way-Filter? Do I have to expect a moiré-effect when using it on the Fairphone 5 Oled display?
How black does it get from the sides? Does the Phone look turned off from the sides?
I asked Support and this is what they responded:

I can confirm that the privacy filter has a 2-way filter. There should not be any moiré effect or interference patterns; it has been designed to work with the FP5’s OLED screen.

Also, when viewing from the side, the screen is completely dark.


I also wonder how much this would influence the brightness and sharpness of the screen. 2 years ago I tried a privacy protector on my FP4 and it degraded the screen also from a straight angle.

It works quite well for me, the viewing angle is big enough, but not too big, and while it makes pixels a bit more visible, it’s not an issue.


More visible? Do you maybe mean that the pixels become a bit more blurry? What about the colors, do they lose their ‘spark’? Or are colors still vibrant and alive? Maybe I’ll give it another shot. I’m in public transportation a lot, so such a privacy screen is quite nice.

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No, not blurry, but more sharp edges? But that’s maybe only my feeling, others may report differently. It doesn’t affect brightness or vibrancy to a noticable extent in my opinion, though :slight_smile:


I for one am fairing quite well with my FP4 ptivacy filter, although I do sometimes wish it was a 4-way filter. I guess the FP5 one is rather similar. It protects against side-viewers along the long edge, but the short edge axis is unaffected.
As for the ‘added visibility of pixels’ mentioned above: I think that is caused by a very, very slight moiré effect along high-contrast edges. Also the screen is a little bit darker overal. But in the end I suppose it really depends on how sensitive you are when it comes to such changes. I did notice it a little bit in the beginning, but without any direct side-to-side comparison I can’t really tell the difference anymore, so it doesn’t really bother me.


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