Primary microphone not working or very poorly for calls on sim slot #1

Hi there,

I can make or receive call using the sim card on slot #1 because the microphone either don’t work at all (people can’t hear me) or very poorly with a lot of noise.
Calls on sim in slot #2n work fine.

I switched sim cards and the problem is the same (unrelated to sim cards but to sim slots).

I did the tests as described here:

The primary microphone has A LOT of noise on the test.
The secondary sounds fine (I’m not sure really because it’s echoing but I’m assuming that how this secondary microphone works - I did hold the phone upside down as instructed for this test).

Thanks for your help

Honestly I can’t imagine that calls work fine when sim is in slot 2 (knowing that mic 1 does not work correctly during the mic test).
Are you using dial sim - or why can’t you just leave sim in slot 2 if it works fine there?
You could also try to clean all contacts of the bottom module to see if that helps.

Hi Volker,
Yes I use dual Sim because I have 2 Sim cards, so that’s not an option.
I have an older FP2, I’ll try to use its microphone. That is definitely odd… :slight_smile:

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