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Hello there. For quite some time now, my FP3 show all the pictures I took by camera in a “flipped state” when they are in a preview. The pictures are all the right way up in google fotos, but if I e.g. want to send them on WhatsApp, the preview shows them all flipped for 90°. That’s not a huge problem, but definitely a bit annoying. Does someone has a solution for that?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

What OS and what app are you using for the camera?

So if you are using the default Google Pics app all is OK until you attach them to WhatsApp ??

For the stats:

  • Fairphone 3, Android 10
  • Open Camera App (Same happens with the default app as well)
  • Google Photo as photo app

In the Google Photo App, everything is ok. If I send the picture on WhatsApp, I get the preview where I can chose the pictures I want to send. In that preview, the pictures are all rotated in the weirdest ways (some to the left, some to the right, some the wrong side up, some the right side up) with no consistency or system (as shown in the attached screenshot). As soon as they are sent, they are the right side up again.

Since they are perfectly fine as soon as they are sent, it’s not that big of a deal. Just a bit annoying to find the right picture in that little preview window when everything is rotated.

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Might it be this

How do you stop WhatsApp from rotating pictures?

Go to camera-settings-format and advanced options and turn off HEIF.

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I can’t find any option to turn HEIF on/off on my phone.

What I checked now is the following points:

  1. Only WhatsApp is affected
  2. All pictures are rotated 90° anti-clockwise
  3. It only affects pictures I take with my phone, none that are downloaded/screenshotet/whatever

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