Pressing the power button wakes the screen with phone unlocked

Now I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m just seeing things. More regularly it seems that when I wake the phone with the power button, the phone is still unlocked and at the activity I was at. This has happened now about 3-5 times in the past 3 weeks.

My screen locks when the screen goes dark, it’s configured like that in the settings. I don’t have the setting “Fingerprint Unlock Behavior” enabled, which is kind of a weird name actually, for a switch. So the phone should first wake and then unlock at the second touch on the power button.

I also don’t use any Smart Lock features.

Now of course it could be that I’m just touching the power button in just right to trigger wake and unlock in a quick way. But the sound effects and haptic feedback of the unlock also don’t occur. Which makes me believe that the phone is not locked… Which is a major issue.

But before I’ll draw conclusions, I would like to check if the community is also experiencing these issues.

Directly below this feature are the Smart Lock settings. Are any of them enabled?

Nope, I never use those, also not at the moment.

So “lock after screen timeout” is set to “immediately” in your case (if this setting also exists in stock ROM)?

Correct. It also happens seemingly randomly, so I doubt a setting is causing it.

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Do you use smart lock? You can set locations where the phone will not be locked (e.g. your home). Or when its near your connected devices such as a smart watch…

That question has been asked already, no I don’t. I’ll update the top post with this info.

This keeps happening. The other day the phone woke up unlocked when inserting a charging cable. So it’s not that my finger unlocks it really quick, which was already doubtful since there was no haptic feedback and unlock sound. Since no one else reports this, it’s probably something with my device. Once Android 12 is released I’ll do a factory reset.

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