Pressing delete key deletes whole email

Hi everyone,

When I press the delete key when writing an email sometimes all the text in the whole email is deleted. I think it’s when I hold it down for more than a split second but i’m not entirely sure. When i try and test it i can’t it to work! It just does it every now and then randomly when i don’t want to happen. Does anyone know how to turn this function off? Or at least to extend the amount if time you have to press the delete key before it deletes everything you’ve written.


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What keyboard are you using? The default android keyboard has a long press mode for deleting lots of text (I’m unsure if you can turn that off).

I’m using the google keyboard and this doesn’t have a long press delete function, so maybe worth trying either looking in the keyboard settings (settings > Language & input > and then the settings against the keyboard in use) or try a different keyboard app

Thanks for the really quick reply, chris. Actually i am using the google keyboard… Perhaps it’s when i press the delete key twice in quick succession? I’m not sure. It happens every few days and when i try and test it, i can’t get it to work… Like i say, it just happens when i’m least expecting it. To be honest, I’d be happy without any option to delete all text as i don’t really need it.

Currently trying to download other keyboards…

Seems like your keyboard, or the app you are giving input to, freeze for a short time and then you end up with an empty screen.
This only happens in the stock email app?

I experience the same issue occasionally w Gmail & Google Keyboard (2 languages enabled). It is virtually impossible to reproduce. I feel it happens more when the email is rich text and/or over a few lines long.

Of course the longer the text the more frustrating the loss of the work. The extreme work around is to very quickly take the battery out after text is deleted and to login yo your gmail where a previously saved state of the email will be available… Not very elegant but saved me a few times.

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