Preserving Fairphone TWS earbuds battery when not using them for long periods of time

I was gifted some brand new Fairphone earbuds and am quite happy with the sound. Yet to try the noise cancelling, that will have to wait until I am travelling.

How can I preserve the batteries between trips when I’m not using them? Putting them in the case causes them to charge, and keeping them at 100% for long periods is going to wear the battery out. There doesn’t seem to be an option to not charge or keep them at 80%. Is keeping them outside the case the only option?


Unlike with phones, there is no standby activity so I think there is no or almost no repetitive charging / wear.

I see what you are saying but it can’t be right, they must have their radios on ready to pair.

But I’m not just worried about that, I’m worried about keeping them at 100% SoC for long periods of time. Charging over 80% and keeping a battery there causes it to wear out much faster than keeping it around 30-80%.


@kuro68k as long as you’ll keep the case closed and the earbuds in the case there won’t be any battery drain. The earbuds are ready to pair when you press the pairing button in the case and they automatically pair when you take them out of their charging slots.

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The earbuds are designed in such a way that once they reach 100% charge inside the case, they will power OFF fully. That is when you might also notice they take a bit more time to reconnect to your device, as they will have to reboot again once you open the case.

You are correct, that when they are not fully charged yet, they are in a low-power sleep mode, that still consumes energy, but allows to buds to quickly reconnect once you open the case again. So, there is not really a way to store them at 80% SOC in a very user friendly way except for:

  • Charge batteries (earbuds & case to 30-80%)
  • Remove earbuds from ear, and let them automatically power OFF (after 10 mins)
  • Remove battery from charging case
  • Insert powered off earbuds into charging case

Can the battery be removed?

Assuming we are talking about the all-new Fairbuds (not the discontinued 2021 TWS earbuds), here are instructions to remove the batteries:

I have the TWS ones, otherwise I wouldn’t worry as replacing the battery is easy in the new ones.

Unfortunately Fairphone’s first foray into earbuds was pretty much unrepairable: Fairphone True Wireless Earbuds Repair - iFixit

Having said that, I’m using them myself with great pleasure. :slight_smile:


Well, that’s a shame. I suppose they were free so I can’t complain too much, but it sounds like they will be headed for landfill sooner rather than later.

At least complete parts can be replaced.