Preinstalled Malware on Android devices - Fairphone also affected?

Dear Fairphone Community,

just came across an article reporting that a chunck of malware has been detected on different Android Devices. Including pre-installed malware. A list of affected devices is given.
Asking the experts around here: do you think FairPhone (FP2 in particular) could be affected as well? Someone motivated to dig deeper? I’m no software expert so I am not able to do.
Link is here

If you are having doubts, you should see if any of the apps listed in the article come up in Settings > Apps > All Apps.

Also you can flash your Fairphone yourself at any point if you want to be extra sure.

Generally I think that the risk of malware being installed on a Fairphone is relatively low because Fairphone directly knows their manufacturers and the logistics center and does not depend on any shady middle(wo)men.

Thanks, @Stefan. Nothing found, feels good :slight_smile:


As far as I understood, the problem was that phones got infected somewhere along the route of doubtful resellers. If you ordered your phone from Fairphone, then someone would have needed to intercept the delivery chain, modify your device, and insert it back into the delivery chain. That would be quite some effort. Not to mention that a reinstall of the system would wipe these modifications :smiley:

In short: if you ordered your phone from Fairphone, it would be very unlikely something like this could have happened.


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