Pre-installed apps and their purpose

What is the “Common Data Service”? It’s icon looks suspicious so I decided it definitely must be mallware. Tried flashing the fairphone, first attempt using, second attempt using Second attempt was succesfull.

To my suprise, i see that “Common Data Service” is still there, so either it’s a nasty piece of mallware which survived my flashing efforts, or it is a standard app included in the Fairphone software.

So wat it is? Which apps are default on the Fairphone and why are they there?

It’s on my phone as well. A quick Google search does not immediately indicate this would be malware so it’s most likely something that’s part of the MediaTek specific software on there.

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Thanks for your reply. It depends on your view on life how to interpret results of a google search. I found “Common Data Service” on various alternative app sites, without any description of purpose of the app, without any author, so for me it was cristal clear it’s definitely something evil.

Finally i found some hit on an alternative app site wich indeed confirms it’s from MediaTek and could indeed be part of what’s supposed to be on the fairphone.

** I still think they used an “evil” icon.
** I still want a listing of all software supposed to be on a fairphone and why it is there.

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