Power recharging problem


I’m new here.

I have bought a fp3 a few weeks ago and I have already disabled the warranty by letting it drop in a small water spot on the street two times while he was raining a lot. :frowning:

Anyway… I be both times directl disassemble it totally to clean the water inside the phone.
Unfortunately this time it seems that a part is damaged even if the exposure to water was only a few dozens of minutes.
My phone is not recharging correctly anymore. To be sure that it s charging i m obligated to switch it off completely.
I don’t have any boot loop,
The led is working correctly no matter I switch it off or not.
It is just the speed of charging which stagnates if I don’t turn it off.
So I m not sure if I should replace the battery or the power bottom module .

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Please take a look at the #waterwiki.

Another source of information could be the iFixIT homepage:

You should find further info on how to treat this case there.
Especially: Don’t turn it on too soon.

If something is damaged and you want to find out, which module is broken, you could try contacting one of the fantastic #fairphoneangels. They could help locate the source by testing with modules known to work.


Yeah then I need to contact a fairphone angel because I ve done all that. That’s how I know about the boot loop etc

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Just so you know, does the fairphone angels respond rapidly in general? I m always wondering if my mails goes through or goes to the spam.

Never contacted one myself, but they’re all normal people that kindly spend some time to help others having problems. It also depends on the angel you contacted and whether he/she is very active or not.
So I think you should wait a bit more and ask again if you don’t have an answer in a week or so.


Okey thanks I wanted to Know what is a normal time before I ask again. I don’t want to disturb people more than I should so… Yeah. Thanks for the answer. :grinning:

So the fairphone angel from Antwerpen are not responding until now.
So I ve replace the battery but I have still a bootloop when the phone is switched off. So I guess it’s the power bottom module then ?

Perhaps you can PM them on the forum (@BogersAsset @danielsjohan), but they don’t seem to have been active lately.
I would wait a little more.

Probably. But it may be the core module as well.

It doesn’t do a bootloop when I switch it on

What’s the policy about returning fairphone to your carrier if you have bought it from them?

I think I can confirm that the Antwerp team is inactive

The two contacts mentioned have not been online and posting for over half a year.