Power / on-off button is broken, advice wanted

Hello fellow Fairphoners

I have a FP1 that I’m very happy with. But unfortunately the power/on-off button stopped working. First it would only work if you pressed on the right side of the button, now it doesn’t do anything anymore. I researched a little and the button seems perfectly aligned and feels good when pressed and I cleaned it when it still worked a little, to no avail. I am afraid the switch itself is broken.

I know there is a third party switch for sale online but I don’t feel comfortable with a solder iron close to my phone myself. So I am wondering: has anyone had the same experience? Or has anyone repaired it himself, or through a phone shop, or through the Fairphone repair service? What are the options?

Thanks in advance!

It seems there is nobody with the same experience, or am I too hasty?
I was hoping for some feedback to avoid/before contacting the FP support service.

Hi Willem

The power on-off button of my FP1 recently stopped working too.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix it either.
How did you fix it?

Kind regards


To work around the on-off button I installed the “power button to volume button app” (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teliapp.powervolume&hl=en). This allows me to wake up the phone from standby and let it go to sleep again with the volume button. But that’s no long-term solution; I have no idea how to turn on the phone if the battery dies in case I don’t manage to charge it in time. Turning it off (to open the phone up, or to simply restart) or making screen shots is a no-go at the moment.

Thanks you for informing me about this app.
Indeed no long term solution but at least I can use my FP a little bit longer this way (untill the volume button also stops reacting)

It will be entirely on your own risk, but in the same situation I would probably try an electronic cleaning spray, e.g. CRC Electronic Cleaner or WD40 Electrical Contacct Cleaner. I’ve had good results on stubborn laptop touchbad buttons.

Or maybe cleaning it in an ultrasound cleaner would be worth a try.