Power button doesn't work

A month ago the power button of my Fairphone I finally died, after having behaved erratic for the last year. I contacted support, but they seem to be overflooded at the moment and my old spare phone died today so I need to have a working phone quickly.

I went to a repair shop in Utrecht today (the fixables), and they said that they needed spare parts to repair the fairphone, specifically a new power button. They didn’t look inside the phone yet. In the spare part page of the power button it is stated that I’d probably not need this part. Could anyone shed some light on this issue. I know more people have had this problem.

If it is really the switch … look around in the forum, someone listed the right spare part here a while ago. You need someone to solder it in for you. Don’t replace the whole mainboard, it’s not worth it.

Update: Found the link


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