Power button deactivated once Fiio e18 is connected

In case people are confused as to what a Fiio e18 is, the product is a DAC/AMP which essentially allows me with an OTG cable to bypass the sound processor of the phone and use this external device to process audio information and amplifies the signal to power my headphones. Essentially this transforms the phone into a portable Hi-Fi system.

That aside, once I plugged in the e18 and switch the device on the Fairphone’s power button deactivates and does not allow me to use the button to enter sleep mode or to turn off the phone. The menu does not appear no matter how long I hold the button.

The power button does allow me to wake the phone once it enters sleep mode on it’s own accord, but after that it deactivates again.

Firmware issue perhaps?

Since it has been 19 days and no one was able to help you, I would talk to the people of Fiio e18 directly. Maybe they have come across this issue, and can provide a solution.
Make sure to post back any results! :thumbsup:

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Hi Jacob,

Did you manage to fix the problem you were having with the E18 and the Fairphone. I have a Fairphone already and I’m thinking about buying an E18 to go with it but I’d like to know that it’s going to be workable before I do.

If it’s just the power button won’t put the phone into sleep, does the screen timeout as normal or do you end up with a massive battery draining problem?

Thanks, Wystan

For now, the power button problem still persists, but everything else works. You can set the screen timeout to be faster if you are concerned with the power consumption.

Thanks Jacob, that’s really useful to know, I think I can live with the screen timeout option.

Are you still having to use USB AUDIO PLAYER PRO or does the USB OTG work? I’d want to play my own music but also use it with Spotify, BBC iPlayer Radio and so on…

Cheers, Wystan

Hello Wystan

The USB OTG doesn’t seem to work automatically with other apps, and so far I’ve only got the OTG to work with Audio Player Pro.

Sadly it seems like we’re limited with the use of this DAC/AMP.

Kind Regards

Thanks Jacob,

Useful to know how you got on with it. I’ve ordered one anyway so I’ll see if I get the same thing. I might have to use my old phone for spotify and iPlayer then. I wonder whether this is something that could be fixed by the possible upgrade to KitKat, if MediaTek release the drivers?

Anyway for the time being I’ll see how it works when it arrives and post back.

Cheers, Wystan


I’m thinking about getting a portable DAC, such as the E18 and wondered how you’ve got on with it. I was particularly wondering if you’ve been able to play music apart from via Audio Player Pro as I listen to streams on Mixcloud and the like quite a lot.

Hopefully you can enlighten me a bit!

Thanks very much,