Power button continuesly activated


I think I have a problem with my power button. It seems as it is being continuesly pushed.

My phone keeps on restarting on its own, mostly not getting passed the fariphone welcome screen. The only way to stop it, is to remove the battery but as soon as it is connected again, it restarts. From time to time it gets passed that but then it keeps on starting the camera unasked or going to stand by or giving the options like restart or to take a screenshot.

Is this familiar to anyone? Is there anything I can do to repair this? Can the button be replaced?


It won’t be easy to replace the button even if you could find a replacement.

Trying to repair it would void the warranty, if you still have one. If not then you can try and dismantle to see if your suspicions are correct ~ I did have that on a previous Samsung after ‘many’ years.

Here’s a guide

You can get to step 6 without voiding the warranty.

First check the buttons are moving as to be expected.

After step 7 you void the warranty but look at step 9 it explains that once you remove the core module you have separated the buttons from the actual switches.

You can press the ‘switches’ to see if they click i.e.would turn the phone on and off if assembled. If it is stuck you can try and loosen it, which is another story.

If it appears to ‘click’ and the buttons seem to move Ok then a re-assemble may produce a working power button.

The surround with the buttons is replaceable but I doubt that is the issue, the core module isn’t a user module and would require a full on repair £, € , $


That’s a start :slight_smile:

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Unfortunatley my warrant expired a few months ago.

I just went up to step 5 just to see if I could notice something (before I saw your message). It doesn’t click the same way as the volume buttons. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not but apparently not. I fiddled a bit with the button and reassembled my phone. It seems to be working at the moment but I doubt it will be permanent since I didn’t get it to click.


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