Power button bug in Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.4

Not sure if this a software issue caused by updating to 4.4.4…

I’ve been using my resurrected FP1 for about a month now - all good and great to have have phone back.

A couple of days ago I encountered a problem - I can’t turn off the phone! It’s slightly bizarre as I can turn it on - when it is sleeping, I press the power button and the screen comes on. But once on, the power does nothing.

So I have to wait for the phone to go to sleep before putting it in my pocket (adjusted it to 15 sec!). But it does mean leaving the phone on all the time (which I don’t normally do - overnight power-down!).

Makes me think it’s a software rather than hardware problem. Not sure why it was working, but then stopped - no new apps that I’ve installed, but maybe an update for an existing one?

Any ideas?

I have experienced that previously with Macadamia (4.4.2). The problem only kicked in after a long time (i.e. several days or even a week or two) of doing without a reboot. Note that I use my phone relatively rarely, so the issue might start quicker for you. When i encountered it, I would usually reboot once that suited me and the problem would only reappear after quite a while after the reboot.

I haven’t noticed this problem during the periods when I used 4.4.4 yet.

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Hi Urs,
Thanks for a quick response - that worked! I pulled the battery out as a means of causing a reboot - there’s probably a less drastic method, but I can now power off as well as on.

If you’ve experienced it in 4.4.2 then there’s a problem common to both versions, but obviously not commonly experienced.

Much appreciated.

If I remember it right, holding the power button for a very long time still worked (to reboot) when I had the issue, probably better than the battery method.

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There are two workarounds:

  • Press volume button (this sometimes helps to make the power button functional again - I think that it resets some software switch)
  • In #dic:gravitybox (#dic:xposed module) you can enable a preference that lets you lock your phone by double-clicking the status bar
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